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Communicate with Confidence

Five Day Intensive ~ 50 CPD hrs
Professional and Personal Development

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Open to Beginners and Experienced
Lunch and Refreshments Served Daily

A holistic approach to excellence in communicating.

A Five Day Communicating Intensive for professional and amateur presenters, entrepreneurs, vocalists, broadcasters, actors, bloggers and more to hone their craft, learn new skills, and voice care for a healthy voice long-term.

Physicalbody: posture, movement, energy, breath control. vocal: quality, intent, how you talk, projection & vocal care.

Mind – Mentally prepare for great communicating on all levels with balanced emotions, centred focus, mindfulness, calm, and exceptional confidence.

Senses: – increase comprehension, understanding and dialogue using all your senses: improve active listening, say what you need to, enhance your credibility. Deepen your awareness of ‘how you interpret what you hear’ and ‘did you hear all of what was said?’

Navigating Destructive Situations -Navigate uncomfortable, emotional and abusive conversations with ease. Also manage and minimise vampires (energy suckers) and werewolves (the destructors).

Diversity – Learn cultural customs & morays to be prepared for international travell and business communicating.

Daily Practice – A routine of hatha yoga, meditation, breath and mindfulness are taught to prepare your body, mind and increase energy for optimal communicating.

  • A strong desire to improve your communicating skills.
  • Open to all levels of communicators who want to improve their personal and professional techniques.
  • No previous yoga experience necessary. The physical aspects of Yoga – yogasana are for all levels and abilities.
  • The intensive teaches communicating techniques and methods taught  for an in-depth understanding at your level of experience,
  • Direct implementation of techniques sufficiently practised that you have a personal adaptation to further develop on your own,
  • Answer question on the subject to nurture personal and professional growth.
  • Intensive taught by Cilica, a professional intuitive vocal technician. An expert in voice production who gets phenomenal results for 35+ years.
  • Respiratory anatomy and physiology – how to produce amazing voice quality using strong breath control
  • Fundamentals aim to maximise your vocal presence, accent, quality, abilities and by learning techniques that strengthening your instrument: the body and mind,
  • Leadership and Supporting Role Communicating skills
  • Techniques based on a holistic system to address voice production, comprehension, ease of interaction – no cracking, choking, etc., vocal challenges, style, physical strengthening, emotional balance & a mindset for continued improvement and success,
  • Strengthen your vocal foundation to expand your ability to sound brilliant, convincing, honest and authentic,
  • Quickly fill in the gaps of your knowledge by increase competency; approach, making connections, listening, recapitulating and closing,
  • Practice techniques specific to you – applicable to communicating ease of performance to improve your level of accomplishment,
  • Personal feedback – Learn what your blocks are, then remove them,
  • Includes self-care for excellence with a yoga sequence that provides yoga therapy, meditation & mindfulness,
  • Tailor your voice practice with step by step instructions for continued vocal and communicating improvements.

Integrating your instrument

  • Yoga for all bodies each morning.
  • Gain body awareness, connections between singing and body, health, focus, emotional balance, calm, open chest/lungs, longer breaths, help with anxiety and nerve, remove fear and more.
  • 30-minute yoga routine participants can practice at home: for all ages and abilities

Not an exhaustive list

•  speak with ease, control, strength, stamina, pain free  •  learn when your voice needs a rest, when to move on   •  speak well without sounding nasally from a cold   •  self-care to heal  •  vocal strengths and weaknesses  •  vocal development  •  how to listen, when to speak for the best repoire • importance of blending into a conversation, when to lead  •  body awareness, alignment, relaxation, strength  •  improve breath control  •  correct walking, posture, stance, movement  • increase physical energy • emotional balance to converse without tears, fear, performance anxiety, perfectionism  •  gain lasting confidence • improve your style and presentation

Entrepreneurs, Upper Management, Leaders – you are in a position of authority; be clear, concise, and heard to gain trust and respect.

Business & Professional Communicators – make an excellent impact being precise, understandable, a listener and approachable.

Actors & Broadcasters – be confident using healthy voice production techniques for long periods of speaking, and ease with character.

Coaches*, Trainers & Presenters – coming across competent, coherent and engaged with your audience & clients.

University & College Students – enhance your studies with the skills of confident public speaking and presentation to improve your grades.

Personal Communicators (Everyone) – be an exceptional communicator who listens and tells their stories, shares experiences, ideas and concerns with confidence and sincerity.

Special Needs – The intensive is open to those with Special Needs – hearing and visually impaired, as well as other challenges. Please contact Cilica before registering to make sure we can meet your needs.

*Voice Coaches, by attending agree to complete the exam at the end of the intensive. This exam is to verify that you have a full correct understanding of the methods taught. You may pass on what you learn here to your students by acknowledging where you acquired the techniques, skills and like. You receive a Certificate of Vocal Training by The Confident Voice and Cilica.

Voice Techniques Taught – All Participants learn professional and safe voice skills.

  • Excellence conversationalist with pose, patience and open ears. If applicable, you remove habits of interjecting, dismissals, verbal diarrhoea and making assumptions to carry only meaningful dialogue.
  • Heightened active listening skills that improve your comprehension and ability to follow instructions for accuracy and in-demand efficiency.
  • Assured communication methodology with broad applications to further your ease with individuals, teams and organisations as the leader or a member. You consistently meet your desired outcomes.
  • Tangible insights to improve your vocal performance and production: tone, projection, breath control and more to preserve your vocal health.
  • Self-awareness Established non-violent communication style that improves your mindful choice of words. You learn to avoid unconscious slip-ups of misinterpreted words, negative connotations or cultural variances on terms.
  • Deepen proactive thinking and actions in tenuous, awkward or abusive situations. Remain inwardly calm, clear-headed when the unexpected happens; known as ‘verbal self-defence’.
  • Emotional Balance. Acceptance of all your abilities to minimise emotional reactions. If applicable, eliminating habits of barking replies, quick conclusions and dismissiveness.
  • Free yourself from negative influences to gain a consistently positive mindset.
  • A personalised ‘practice routine’ for your optimal communicating needs.
  • Confidence to speak up; tackle more challenging presentations, meetings, groups and performances with solid ground, ease of thought and courage.
  • Come away with a personalised yoga programme of exercises, meditation and mindfulness. Be your best with excellent posture, movement, breathing, composure, focus and quick thinking for leadership roles, management, team building and excelling at understanding and giving
  • Prepared three presentations, conversations, monologues or the like about 2 minutes on any subject.
  • Cup for tea/coffee, water container
  • Wear easy fitting clothing with a snazzy pair of socks

What you don’t need . . .

  • to be a professional or want to be – novices welcome
  • a degree or have business experience – If you have both awesome


      • registration is open until the maximum participant’s number is registered, or the registering deadline arrives (usually a month before Intensive begins).

Recording or Video submission (Optional)

      • You are asked to submit a recording of your speaking or video of presentation/performance when registering. Your recording is an indication of your abilities only, without judgement, it helps up to plan the curriculum to meet your needs. It does not need to be a professional recording. If you do not have one, that is fine.
      • Your submission is shared with NO ONE.


      • After registering, please make your payment within 2 hours to validate your participation in the Intensive. Registration without payment is not valid.

Participant Replacement

      • Cancellations less than 28 days before the Intensive you are given no refund unless you can find a replacement for your participation.
      • Once your replacement has registered and paid, you will receive a refund less the administration fee (stated above) within two wee


      • Refunds may be given up to 28 days before the start date – less administration fee of £100.


      • Cancellations less than 28 days before you may have a refund less the administration fee if you find a replacement, or if Cilica finds one. Once your replacement has registered and paid, you will receive a refund less the administration fee (stated above) within two weeks.

No-shows or missing part of the event

      • If you do not attend or miss part of the event, you will receive no refund or credit. Event participation is limited, and your space counts towards the minimum to run a successful event.

Cancellation by Cilica

      • The Confident Voice reserves the right to cancel a program at any time if the minimum number of participants is not reached.
      • If the Intensive is cancelled, you will receive a full refund or the option to attend an alternative event. Once you have committed to an alternative event the same refund policy as stated here is in effect.

Travell and Medical Insurance

      • We suggest getting insurance for your protection in the case of having to cancel last minute for unseen circumstances such as travell delays, illness or injury prior to or at the Intensive.

General Note on Voice Techniques Taught – Voice skills taught are professional techniques with best practices for a healthy voice.

This intensive is not a one size fits all training by acknowledging your individuality and honour your courage to improve.

By registering for the event you consent to have your photograph and participation made public. We respect your privacy and will never make public personal, confidential or embarrassing images or information.

Your images may be made public in a general manner and not to a specific workshop or event.

*Voice Coaches and Music Teachers: by attending the intensive agree to complete the exam at the end of the intensive. You will pass on what you learn to your students. the exam assures that you fully understanding of the techniques taught to teach them correctly.

You received a certificate from The Confident Voice for your learning.

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Communicate with Confidence, Halifax
Communicate with Confidence, Halifax

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