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Free the Head, Neck & Shoulders

Day Workshop ~ 8 CPD hrs
Yoga Teacher Training

Calgary, Alberta

Lunch and Refreshments Serviced

Lightness to your neck, head, shoulders.

Physical Self-Care – Learn proper posture for head and neck movement to free the shoulders, walk upright, and fewer headaches, eye tension,

Mindful Self-Care – Gain new perspectives and mindfulness when walking, playing sports and regular activities, working and productivity with a regular routine for posture.

Diversity – Adapt skills taught for work, sports, yoga balances, and reading.

Practice Plan – Learn yogasana routine that includes breath and meditation techniques to help interchange a connection of your head, neck and shoulders with the rest of your body.

  • For certification of the workshop, previous yoga teaching or a year of personal practice is necessary.
  • Auditors, it is helpful if you have some yoga experience, not necessary as the yoga is for all abilities and ages.
  • The workshop teaches techniques beneficial to the good health of your head, neck and shoulders for an in-depth understanding at your level of experience,
  • Direct implementation of techniques sufficiently practised that you have a personal adaptation to further develop on your own,
  • Answer question on the subject to nurture personal and professional growth.
  • A yoga routine to benefit the mobility, freeing, health and strength of your head, neck and shoulders with breath control and meditation,
  • Yoga techniques that support strong bones and muscles to create balance, stability and alignment which alleviates pain, and aid in healing diseases and injuries,
  • A pattern of beneficial massages, trigger points and applications of heat, cold and ointments that benefit mobility, release of tension
  • Correct yogic breathing techniques, and the benefits of mindfulness promoting healing,
  • How emotions affect tightening the jaw, neck, eyes and shoulders to cause headaches, pain and lack of movement,
  • Anatomy and movement of the head (including the face), neck and shoulders – bones structure, muscles, etc,
  • Five-minute routines on how to massage the muscles and joints of the face, head, neck and shoulders,
  • Improve your eyesight, eye health and facial muscles from drooping or sagging.
  • How lack of mobility and tight muscles of your head, neck and shoulders hinder your twists, mobility and function in regular tasks, sports, balance and thinking,
  • Mindfulness to stop overuse or incorrect use, knowing what pain and numbness means
  • About changing the physical connections in your brain that keep you fearful, ridged in movements or stretching when you need to re-pattern mental associations.
  • Learn how to manipulate muscles, increase flexibility in the spine, and correct spinal curves as a result of poor posture, motion or injury and illness for long-term health
  • Write your own roadmap to proceed with the tools learnt in the workshop
  • How to incorporate and teach techniques taught for those wanting to be certified.

Application in yogasana

  • intent and applications for head balances, increased eye movement / vision, spinal mobility, strength and freeness, maintaining movement, and release numbness, tension or direct pain and more,
  • improved overall balance, twists, arm and shoulder mobility, flexibility in reaching, movement control and restorative yogasanas to decrease numbness and increase blood flow in the neck and shoulders.
  • Alleviate frozen shoulder
  • Align neck, shoulders and head
  • Correct postural problems
  • Improve eye vision
  • Improve sleep and rest
  • Increase blood flow
  • Increase energy
  • Increase nutrients to the brain
  • Increase spinal mobility
  • Improved warmth, less cold
  • Lessen eye strain
  • Lessen pain and fatigue
  • Reduce numbness, sharp pains
  • Reduce migraines, tension headaches
  • Increased positive outlook
  • Increase sports mobility
  • Improve sports and activity abilities
  • Speak better

Any person can attend the workshop for personal and professional development

  • Women and men of all ages and abilities
  • You do not have to have health issues to attend the workshop.
  • Emotional balance improves all aspects of your life improve.
  • If you think, suspect or know your emotions dictate your actions and life, then this workshop is for you.
  • A therapist referrals not necessary but are recognised for insurance and community payments for the workshop.
  • Persons with severe emotional challenges may contact me to discuss your participation.

Participants who want to be Certified completing the workshop & exam

  • Yoga Teachers, Healthcare Practitioners and Yoga Enthusiasts
  • Certification Exam is ten questions completed online within 14 days after completion of the workshop.
  • The exam pass is 70% correct


  • Registration is open until the maximum participant’s number is registered, or the registering deadline arrives.


  • Payment by PayPal is due upon registration.


  • Refunds may be given up to 30 days before the start date – less administration fee of $10.


  • Cancellations less than 14 days before you may have a refund less the administration fee if you find a replacement, or if Cilica finds one. Once your replacement has registered and paid, you will receive a refund less the administration fee (stated above) within two weeks.

No-shows or missing part of the event

  • If you do not attend or miss part of the event, you will receive no refund or credit. Event participation is limited, and your space counts towards the minimum to run a successful event.

Cancellation by Cilica

  • We reserve the right to cancel a program at any time if the minimum number of participants is not reached.
  • You receive a 100% refund.

Travell and Medical Insurance

  • We suggest getting insurance for your protection in the case of having to cancel last minute for unseen circumstances such as travell delays, illness or injury prior.
  • This Workshop is not a cure or medical advice. The workshop is to teach you techniques of yoga to help you lessen the effects of your challenges, to promote healthy minds and physical well-being, and to encourage self-care.
  • By registering for the event you consent to have your photograph and participation made public. We respect your privacy and will never make public personal, confidential or embarrassing images or information.
  • Your images may be made public in a general manner and not to a specific workshop or event.

Early Bird Sale Ends April 6 2020


Free the Neck, Head & Shoulders, Calgary
Free the Neck, Head & Shoulders, Calgary

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