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Not My Fault

Day Workshop ~ 8 CPD hrs
Open to All

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Lunch and Refreshments Served

When guilt, shame and hurt cause pain.

A workshop that teaches you productive tools to leave your pain in the past to live a happy life today.

Physical Self-Care – Release the hold guilt and manipulation has on you through challenging physical activities and gentle self-care.

Mindful Self-Care – Be mindful that guilt and shame have a hold on you for too long.  Release the claim on your mind to help you sleep, feel better and heal.

Diversity – Emotional blackmail, blame and manipulation comes from many sources. Learn to protect yourself with diverse healing techniques.

Practice Plan – Learn yogasana for a combined source of healing, releasing and help in being whole.  Yoga will help your muscles, body and mind make new constructive, healing connections.

  • No yoga experience necessary.
  • Yoga is a catalyst to release guilt from your body; yoga exercises are given that apply to all abilities and ages.
  • To teach in a manner where you understand the subject matter in depth at your level of experience,
  • Direct implementation of techniques sufficiently practised that you have a personal adaptation to further develop on your own,
  • Answer question on the subject to nurture personal growth.

Set of Tools

  • Come away with clear, easy to use set of tools to use to heal, calm your mind, repattern thinking and emotions, and release troubles from your body
  • Find a space within you to let go, finding calm, peace, clarity with a new way of being

Fundamentals of Workshop

  • Self-Care through yoga – a series of yogasanas, meditation and mindfulness to support grace in healing, creating boundaries and empowerment
  • Breathing techniques to increase oxygen in the blood and aiding in the repertory system function which heals the mind, body and releases overthinking, stress, anxiety
  • Turn compassion towards yourself by learning to distinguish between what is your guilt and that of others.
  • Recognize the kind of guilt and shame you experience and its purpose, benefits
  • Learn to focus your displaced aggression
  • The true meaning of wrongdoing: wrong & how being right doesn’t matter
  • How to say ‘no’ – create a bubble of boundaries
  • Gaining self-worth, your integrity through acceptance
  • Why and How if you are at fault, how to make amends or changes
  • Dispelling myths of shame, guilt and self-loathing, worry and more
  • Learn to recognise manipulation by loved ones, others
  • Your loss of self, my gain of power – how abusers use relationships to keep you docile
  • Learn to re-pattern your minds connections and shift reactions to adjust to a healthy life
  • Investigate the consequences of long-term guilt on your body – immobility, tight muscles, pain, lethargic feelings and unaligned skeletal structure
  • Increase flexibility in your spine, bring health back to a body with a troubled mind
  • Five-minute yoga routines to help you on you heal
  • Write your own roadmap to proceed with the tools learnt in the workshop

Not an exhaustive list.

May Cause

  • Mental health issues
  • Dysfunctional relationships
  • Don’t seek help
  • Lack of support
  • Displaced anger, emotions
  • Feeling poorly, unwell regularly
  • Neediness
  • Ulcers (bacteria)
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Muscle fatigue and pain
  • Lack of work, or social
  • Insomnia
  • Perfectionism
  • Confusion, Self-doubt

Benefits to Attending Workshop

  • Clarity, calmer
  • Better Health
  • You know how to have good relationships
  • Self-Care
  • Healing aches, pain
  • Illnesses may begin to heal
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep and rest
  • Explanations
  • Improved physical & mental health
  • How to be happier – emotional balance
  • Less dependent on others or stimulants
  • Confidence
  • How to set and keep boundaries

Any person can attend the workshop for personal and professional development

  • Women and men of all ages and abilities
  • You do not have to have health issues to participate in this event.
  • If you think, suspect or know your guilt, shame dictates your actions and life, then this workshop is for you.
  • Persons with severe emotional challenges may contact me to discuss your participation.


  • Registration is open until the maximum participant’s number is registered, or the registering deadline arrives.


  • After registering, please pay within 2 hours to validate your participation.


  • Refunds may be given up to 14 days before the start date – less administration fee of $20.


  • Cancellations less than 14 days before you may have a refund less the administration fee if you find a replacement, or if Cilica finds one. Once your replacement has registered and paid, you will receive a refund less the administration fee (stated above) within two weeks.

No-shows or missing part of the event

  • If you do not attend or miss part of the event, you will receive no refund or credit. Event participation is limited, and your space counts towards the minimum to run a successful event.

Cancellation by Cilica

  • We reserve the right to cancel a program at any time if the minimum number of participants is not reached.
  • You receive 100% refund.

Travell and Medical Insurance

  • We suggest getting insurance for your protection in the case of having to cancel last minute for unseen circumstances such as travell delays, illness or injury prior.
  • This Workshop is not a cure or medical advice. The workshop is to teach you techniques of yoga to help you lessen the effects of your challenges, to promote healthy minds and physical well being, and to encourage self-care.
  • By registering for the event you consent to have your photograph and participation made public. We respect your privacy and will never make public personal, confidential or embarrassing images or information.
  • Your images may be made public in a general manner and not to a specific workshop or event.

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Not Your Fault, Chilliwack
Not Your Fault, Chilliwack

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