Self-Reliance Courses

21 days to 3 months beginning January 2019

Drip by Drip Personal Development Courses offers a new lesson each day for the duration of your course. Your lessons are for you to keep, referring to as you need, whenever you need.

If you miss a lesson, become busy or need to take a break, your lessons will remain with you for convenience when you are ready to continue.

‘Riding the Breath’ Advanced Meditation

Be Authentic

Benefit from Self-Pace Living

Create a Self-Mastery Meditation

Embrace Earth’s Healing Energy

Evaporate What Holds You Back

Face Yourself with Forgiveness

Free Your SELF

Healthy Hands & Feet

I Just Can’t Move!

Mindful Perspectives

Non-Dual in a Black n White Cloud

The Shadows of your Fear

Warrior God Yoga

Warrior Goddess Yoga

You are Exceptional