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Breathe Freely

8 Week Skype Programme

Beginner ~ Intermediate ~ Advanced

Singers, Athletes, Dancers and All who Want Incredible Health.
Establish a Proper Breathing Practice.

Learn to master the foundations and advanced breathing techniques. Understand the repertory system and challenges that occur by inhibiting proper breathing. You can excel at sports, singing, business, communicating and overall health.

Fundamentals Taught

  • anatomy and physiology of proper and improper breathing
  • learn a physical exercise sequence to prepare you for proper 3 and 4 part deep breathing
  • study proper posture standing, seated and in movement
  • how to move for optimal breathing
  • master the fundamentals of 3 and 4 part breathing
  • balance the oxygen and carbon on your inhale and exhale
  • learn advanced breathing techniques
  • learn breathing methods specific for athletes, singers and dancers
  • know the o
  • establish a meditation and mindfulness practice to remain calm, focused and in control
  • completely stop erratic or panic breathing
  • develop a proactive attitude to accomplish all that you want
  • how to gain strength from each breath faster and for long-term gain

A Skype program to meet your individual needs.


  • bi-weekly 2-hour sessions
  • book Wednesday to Saturday Morning
  • book sessions at the start to work around your schedule
  • reschedule up 48 hrs before session within the 8 weeks
  • 1st session explore your needs and develop a plan of action
  • wear comfortable clothing
  • no previous experience necessary



  • ages 10+
  • children are welcome, in the company of a parent (fee $677)
  • teens may participate with parental permission
  • mild to severe respiratory difficulties
  • other present health concern can benefit from this programme
  • you are not asked to stop your medications
  • after completion, you receive a weekly plan to continue your practice


  • An improved fuller, stronger 4 part breath awareness for a healthy respiratory system.
  • Increased intake of oxygen that supports blood nutrition and improve cell development
  • Improved stamina for physical activities, sports and work
  • Heal respiratory pain, discomfort and illness
  • Excellent physical core – without sit-ups, a curl or crunch
  • Confidence to participate in life without the fear of an attack or illness flare up
  • Better consistent moods – emotional balance
  • Diminish anxiety, depression and panic (if you are prone to these illnesses)
  • Developed cognitive skills, focus, calm and problem-solving
  • Relief from the symptoms of asthma & respiratory challenges, illness and disease
  • A mindful and meditation practice
  • A yoga sequence for increased cognitive and physical development.
  • Singers – improve overall singing with extended phrasing, control and pitch
  • Actors / Vocalists / Broadcasters – improved vocal tone & quality
  • Communicators – improved diction, clarity of speech & pacing, sound quality

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Breathe Freely
Breathe Freely


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  1. Serena L. - 11th January 2018 at 22:39

    I wanted the course to improve my fitness stamina. My work too has improved. I get way more done.

  2. Brad - 26th March 2018 at 20:38

    Too difficult to work on this over the internet. Is a good teacher, I need someone in person.

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