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Speak Confidently

12 Week Programme
Speak with a Voice that Say’s I’m Here.

Transform your Speech – Be Heard and Understood.

Stop hiding in the back, not being heard, a target of bullies and in all get your needs met.  Learn with Cilica who understands the pain, hurt and need to be adequately heard and respectfully, in the safety of your home.

The program design is for the individual.

Fundamentals Taught

  • diction production correcting speech and language challenges
  • soften accents and speeching patterns
  • learn 4 part breathing for improved speech and pacing
  • learn advanced breathing techniques for confidence in your abilities
  • a physical sequence to help you conquer emotional ups and downs
  • a meditation practice that removes past and present-day blocks
  • connect your thoughts to your words – say what you think
  • learn creative and visualisation exercises to move forwards
  • learn correct pacing – development, practice and execution
  • emotional balancing skills that alleviate speech problems occurring and returning
  • how to speak in public, in a relationship and on the job
  • accept your improved communicating – removing learnt expectations of negative results
  • be confident and comfortable with yourself and your communicating progress
  • how to deal with impatient, interruptive, speaking for you listeners
  • practice, practice and more practice in a safe environment

A holistic course offered through Skype.
Sessions are 2 times a week, bi-weekly.


• each session is 55 minutes

• book Wednesday to Saturday Morning

• book sessions at the start to work around your schedule

• reschedule up 48 hrs before session within the 8 weeks

• 1st session explore your needs and develop a plan of action

• wear comfortable clothing

• no previous experience necessary



  • ages 12+
  • mild to severe speech issues – physical and psychological
  • teens may participate with parental permission
  • present health concern can benefit from this programme
  • you are not asked to stop your medications (anxiety, depression, etc)
  • after completion, you receive a weekly plan to continue communicating with confidence


  • Full, healthy, practical 4 part breathing support to improve physical speaking and cognitive skills
  • Rewiring perceptions and habits to increase your communicating abilities
  • Be aware of triggers that cause speaking problems, fear, bring back anxiety,  etc
  • Ability to say what you need to in personal relationships as well as at work, in business with good pacing
  • Learn the value of simple, connected and straightforward speaking
  • Learn a personalised mindful and meditation practice, and a yoga routine for a balance between cognitive and physical development.
  • Vast improvement in comprehension when reading aloud,
  • Articulate when reading aloud
  • Practised scenarios for automatic responses in various conversations
  • An assured, calm demeanour while communicating
  • Improved public speaking, able to articulate thoughts better
  • Improved energy, desires to participate, become more involved in what you like, instead of what you do not want.
  • Competent verbal self-defence
  • Confidence in communicating, speaking up and confrontations


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