Communicate with Confidence, Edinburgh

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5 Day Communications Intensive for professional and personal voice quality and communications skill development. Early Bird Sale Ends 3 June 2022

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Five Day Intensive ~ 50 CPD hrs
Professional and Personal Development

A Five Day Communicating Intensive for professional and amateur presenters, entrepreneurs, vocalists, broadcasters, actors, bloggers and more to hone their craft, learn new skills, and voice care for a healthy voice long-term.

Physicalbody: posture, movement, energy, breath control. vocal: quality, intent, how you talk, projection & vocal care.

Mind – Mentally prepare for great communicating on all levels with balanced emotions, centred focus, mindfulness, calm, and exceptional confidence.

Senses: – increase comprehension, understanding and dialogue using all your senses: improve active listening, say what you need to, enhance your credibility. Deepen your awareness of ‘how you interpret what you hear’ and ‘did you hear all of what was said?’


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