Muscle & Skeletal Stability in Movement, Gloucester


A workshop to aid in the attention and function of movement using both the muscles and bones for general activities, sports, yoga, dance and more. Sale Ends 7 June 2019

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Day Workshop ~ 8 CPD hrs
Yoga Teacher Training

The grace of being present as you move upon the earth.

Physical Self-Care – Learn to care for your body’s physical architecture as it shifts and changes with injuries, growth and desire. Mound with care, purpose and knowledge.

Mindful Self-Care – Be mindful of your intention to build your structural self-reliance. Embrace confidence when you move, with another, the wind, water, fire and earth.

Diversity – Acclimatise your tree, stream, ocean, earth and more with your mood, intellect, veracity and spirit.

Practice Plan – Learn yogasana for a personalised routine that transforms the movement of your muscles and skeletal realms for an incredible awakening of movement. Include repatterning, delight in movement and balance muscle with skeletal.

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