Muscle & Skeletal Stability in Movement, Oxford


A workshop to aid in the attention and function of movement using both the muscles and bones for general activities, sports, yoga, dance and more. Early Bird Sale Ends 26 July 2020

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Day Workshop ~ 8 CPD hrs
Yoga Teacher Training

The grace of being present as you move upon the earth.

Physical Self-Care – Learn to care for your body’s physical architecture as it shifts and changes with injuries, growth and desire. Mound with care, purpose and knowledge.

Mindful Self-Care – Be mindful of your intention to build your structural self-reliance. Embrace confidence when you move, with another, the wind, water, fire and earth.

Diversity – Acclimatise your tree, stream, ocean, earth and more with your mood, intellect, veracity and spirit.

Practice Plan – Learn yogasana for a personalised routine that transforms the movement of your muscles and skeletal realms for an incredible awakening of movement. Include repatterning, delight in movement and balance muscle with skeletal.

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