Soft Organ Support, Windsor


The subtle energy of internal organs. Sale Ends 10 August 2020

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Day Workshop ~ 8 CPD hrs
Yoga Teacher Training

Participants for Personal Development Welcome
Lunch and Refreshments Served

A workshop to bring awareness to the functions, health and self-care of your organs.

Physical Self-Care – Learn to be attentive to the functions of your organs, how to flush them to clear toxins, improve function and importantly care for the largest organ your skin.

Mindful Self-Care – Be knowledgeable about how your organs function, why proper sleep is needed and the symptoms that may indicate improper functioning.

Diversity – Adapt your actions to create space internally for the optimised movement and function of your organs.

Practice Plan – Learn a yogasana sequence that is restorative, invigorating and rejuvenating with a personalised approach for organ support. Yoga includes meditation, mindfulness and asanas.


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