Five Day Intensive Schedule Overview


  • Yoga mat or foam mat
  • Wear comfortable, comfortable moving clothing
  • Bring a pen and notebook – please no computers
  • Wear comfortable fitting clothing, wear socks or bare feet
  • Mug for tea/coffee & water bottle
  • Two pairs of sock – extra from wearing socks
  • Be prepared to go barefooted
  • Chairs provided when you need

Not Needed &
To Prepare

Prepare for Intensive

+ Prepared three or four songs, vocalises, and/or pieces to perform – all styles welcome.
+ Three copies of the sheet music for each piece/song
+ If not using the piano accompanist bring a recording of required music

What you don’t need

+ To be a professional singer or want to be – novices welcome

+ To read music – it helps but is not essential

+ A degree in music or has sung for years – If you have both awesome otherwise awesome too.

08:00  08:20

Prepare Yourself
Prepare Your Space

08:30  10:00
Foundation Module

Prepare your Physical, Mental & Spiritual self for Optimal Learning with a yogasana, meditation and mindfulness sequence.

10:00 10:30



12:00 13:00

Hot & Cold Meal/Beverages

14:30 15:00


Monday Tuesday Wednesday

10:30  12:00
Module  One

Learn the Fundamentals of Your Instrument – a release, permit yourself to gain confidence, freedom in movement, open-minded perceptions and more . . .

13:00  14:30
Module  Two

Learn the Structure, Specifics of your topic, how to Implement differing communicating styles, intentions for work and personal life, and create an open personal space for your desired outcome.

15:00  16:15
Module  Three

Practice, Demonstrate, Understand and Connect to the communication techniques, observe, open dialogue on being Successful in implementing what you’ve learnt.

16:15  17:00
Q  A  Closing

10-min Yoga Sequence
Grounding – Three Minute Silence

Thrusday  Friday

10:30  12:00
Module  One

Practice Vocal Quality

How to Present Yourself


13:00  14:30
Module  Two

Implementation of Techniques with Presentation Practice

15:00  16:00
Module  Three

Presentation Feedback

16:00  17:00
Q  A  Closing

15-min Yoga Sequence
Grounding – Three Minute Silence

Schedule is posted at Intensive.